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Residential Treatment

Housing. Hope. Healing.

SouthLight Healthcare offers two options for adult clients in need of more intensive services. Our residential treatment programs focus on the most vulnerable adults – pregnant women who are struggling with addiction and the chronically addicted, homeless/marginally-housed adults.

Pregnant and Postpartum Residential Treatment
A 16-bed, 24 hour residential treatment program that provides supportive wrap-around services for eligible pregnant women and women with children recovering from substance abuse. The emphasis is on the elimination of  substance use  and the improvement of family functioning.


Evaluation, Assessment and Referral
Substance Abuse Comprehensive Outpatient Treatment
Individual Counseling
Group Therapy
Child Developmental and Social-Emotional Screenings
Population Specific Life Skills Development
Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Monitoring
Connection to SouthLight’s Opioid Treatment Program

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Supervised Independent Living
Supervised Independent Living is a unique program that was initiated in 1989 to address the community recognized need for a complete continuum of residential services for the chronically addicted adult with multiple life issues, including homelessness and mental health disorders.  Supervised Independent Living is a 6-month transitional housing program for the homeless, chronically addicted adult.

We work together to increase client awareness, accountability, and empowerment in a safe, sober environment; giving each individual the foundation for long term self-sufficiency and increased quality of life.

Short Term Housing
Comprehensive Rehabilitation & Substance Abuse Treatment
Life Skills & Daily Living Activities
Job Placement Initiatives
Psychiatric Services & Medication Management

For more information, please call Denise Thompson at 919-250-9126