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Our Mission

Providing Innovative care for individuals and communities living with the harmful impact of stigma and untreated addiction and mental illness.


Be the transformative entity that frees our communities from addiction and mental illness.

Our Values

We Bring It (Attitude of Excellence)

  • Maximize our impact

  • Ensure clinical excellence

  • Challenge the status quo

  • Act with compassion and integrity

We Keep Our Eye on the Ball (Savvy, Focused, Resourceful)

  • Focus on priorities

  • Are forward-thinking

  • Deliver the best we can with the resources we have

  • Promote individual/team/organizational growth

  • Hold ourselves accountable for results

We Do This Together (Team)

  • Our team members are the key to our success and we respect them as such

  • Create an environment where we support each other, think big, have fun, overcome obstacles and do good

  • Challenge and inspire each other to be better

  • Foster transparency throughout the organization

Our Why 

Maximizing Impact. Inspiring Change. Transforming Lives.

We're here because you're here