For Attorneys

This page provides information for attorneys

referring clients to SouthLight. 


New Diversion Enrollment

  1. Send clients name (as it appears on citation) and criminal case number to SouthLight’s Diversion office at  

  2. We will check the client’s eligibility, and reply with the Level for which they would be eligible: 

    • LEVEL 1 (first offender) Diversion – 15-hrs of online/virtual class (or in some cases assessment & TX), and no new charges.

    • LEVEL 2 – Substance Use Assessment & Recommended Treatment, and no new charges.  (No community service)

  3. After discussion & and agreement between you and your client, you would then direct your client to our payment and class enrollment pages.

  4. You will need to ask your client to provide you with the specific class dates they will be taking. 

  5. Send an email to us (at the address noted above) after they have completed classes (with NO missed classes).

  6. We will then verify class completion, complete a record check to verify NO new charges, and reply to your email.

  7. There is NO cost of court.

  8. We will then prepare a Dismissal and forward it to the District Attorney’s office to M. Ashton Slagle, who will then sign it and file it with the Clerk’s office. 

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