15 Addiction Recovery Apps Worth Downloading


We spoke with a few of our substance use & mental health counselors to gather recommendations on apps for addiction recovery, self-care, mediation, sleep and more. Here are some of our favorite apps to aid you on your recovery journey.

Support in Making Changes


Self-improvement through setting and working towards goals, made to feel like playing a game.

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7 Cups

Chat with and get support from others, do mindfulness exercises, watch informative videos

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What’s Up?

This app has a grounding game, a journal, info about unhelpful thinking patterns and tips for how to counteract them.

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Sober Sidekick

A sober social network and support system to stop substance use. Track days since last use, connect with others, 24/7 AA and NA meetings.

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PTSD Coach

Designed by the VA for folks with PTSD though you can benefit from it even without that diagnosis. Lots of good info about symptoms of PTSD and ways to track symptoms. Resources for getting help. Click the symptom you’re experiencing, rate your level of intensity, and complete the exercise offered or you can search the “tools” and choose what exercise you’d like to do.

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Self-Care and Coping Skill Games


Bring about a sense of calm and ease by interacting with this app that plays like a game. The more you do in the app the more activities you unlock.

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Mood Tracker Self-Care Balance

Track mood, habits, hobbies. You have a pet penguin and as you take care of yourself you’re also taking care of them which can be extra motivation for when you’re feeling stuck.

Download via Google Play.

I Am Sober

In this app, you plug in what you’re getting sober from (a huge list to choose from including all the substances but also things like bread, sugar, caffeine, purging, self-harm) and your sober date. You can track how long you’ve been sober and how much money you’ve saved by not spending it on a substance. You can set a reminder to make a pledge each day to remain sober and can chat with others.

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By taking care of yourself you take care of your pet bird. You can answer journal prompts, listen to rain, send “supervibes” to friends via text, and set wellness or kindness goals for yourself.

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Gratitude & Mood Trackers

Grid Diary

A prompted journaling app. Choose a few questions to answer each day to track your mood, gratitude, habits, etc.

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Presently: A Gratitude Journal

This is a very basic daily gratitude journal, a quote pops up when you open the app and you can set a reminder to prompt you to complete your gratitude entry for the day.

Download via Google Play.


Provides an easy way to track moods, hobbies, and activities. The more you fill out, the easier it becomes to track moods over time and notice patterns.

Download via Google Play.


Insight Timer

Guided meditations and a meditation timer, talks led by teachers and practitioners in various fields, yoga, breathwork, and music. Join groups where you can connect with and interact with folks from all over. There are also offerings available in real time with the teachers, like a live yoga classes, talk, musical performances, or meditation.

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Shine is a mindfulness app designed by and for people of color. You can listen to meditations, answer check in prompts, and interact with others. A wide range of helpful meditation topics including Introductory Skills, Black Mental Health, Latinx Mental Health, Improving Sleep, Finding Joy, etc. Free and paid offerings.

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is a mindfulness app for LGBTQ+ people. Evolve has free and paid offerings, the free offerings include breathing, wellness tips, journaling, meditation.

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Sounds, music, meditations, stories, and breathwork for deeper sleep. You can create your own bedtime song by layering various sounds and music.

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