Restoring Independence for Those with Mental Illness and Substance Use Challenges

SouthLight's Transition Management Services

Transitioning to independent living can be challenging, especially for individuals facing mental health or substance use challenges. SouthLight’s Transition Management Services (TMS) program helps pave the path to independence.

Megan Tineo is a team lead with one of SouthLight’s community-based programs, and she shares this story of helping a client achieve independence.  

A client came to SouthLight who did not have a place to live, was couch surfing, and also needed mental health support.  

Our Transitional Management Services (TMS) team worked closely with the client and Alliance Healthcare to identify their needs and expectations.  

For example:

It was so amazing to see the client become emotional as they unlocked and walked into the first apartment they have ever had. Our team was able to help the client fill the apartment with belongings of their own.   

Today, our client has been living independently, engaging in mental health services, learning money management, keeping up to date with bills, and is getting ready to be transitioned to the next level of support to continue to remain stable and healthy. 

What is Transition Management Services? 

TMS is a program designed to support individuals transitioning to living independently in the community. It’s available to people participating in a program called “Transition to Community Living Initiative (TCL)” through Alliance Healthcare

How does TMS help? 

This program provides a supportive environment to help individuals with: 

Peer Tenancy Program Provides Continued Support 

Once individuals are stably housed and managing their health for 90 days, they may transition to a program called Peer Tenancy. This program provides continued support from Certified Peer Support Specialists who have lived experience with mental health challenges. They can offer guidance and encouragement as individuals continue to live independently and reach their goals. 

Remember, you are not alone. If you or someone you know is struggling, SouthLight can help. Contact us to learn more about our programs and services.