Top 10 Quotes from SouthLight


Words of Encouragement from our Social Workers, Counselors and Clinicians

This past year, as we navigated the barriers, challenges and uncertainty, we often turned to our counselors and clinicians for inspiration, direction and words of encouragement. 

Here are our Top 10 Quotes, brought to you by our licensed clinical social workers, addiction specialists, mental health counselors, clinicians, peer support specialists, and more.

1.“You can’t move the world around you, but you can change your place in it. Even during a pandemic, the only limitations to your recovery are the ones you put on yourself.”
– Christopher Deviney, Opioid Treatment Counselor  

2. “Vulnerability and courage are what strengthen relationships.”
-Bethany Pfitzenmaier, MS, LCAS, Lead SAIOP Counselor 

3. “Mental illness is a treatable disease and no one deserves to suffer in silence or isolation.
-Robin Henderson-Wiley, SouthLight Chief Operating Officer 

4. “At Southlight, we welcome and serve everyone no matter where they are on their path. We find the intrinsic value in each individual.
-TiAndrea Scriven, MSW, LCSWA, CMR, SouthLight lead counselor 

5. “Setbacks don’t always equal failure.”
-Tony Walton, SouthLight Opioid Treatment Program Lead

6. “Recovery for me is looking forward and not living in the shame and guilt anymore. Just keep looking forward.”
-Peggy, SouthLight Peer Support Specialist

7. “Recovery is not only possible but happens when we choose to show up and try something different!
-Robert Stuckey, MSW, LCSW, LCAS, CCS-I, IOP Program Director and Clinical Coordinator

8. “Recovery for me is focusing on the solution. We already know the bad but if we focus on the solution, we are able to move forward.”
-Tydrika, Peer Support Specialist

9. “Change is inevitable, so be the driver of that change rather than a passive observer.”
-Miyosha Tunstall, MA, LPA, DBT Lead Counselor

10. “The most important things I’ve seen in my role is that against all sorts of adversity-personal, environmental, societal-we see people showing up every day and putting in the work to grow and change their lives for the better.”
-David Schwenk, LCMHC-A, LCAS-A. IOP Counselor 

And one last favorite quote from one of our employees was this:

“SouthLight is a constant in the world of the unknown.”

How true! Our clients can count on us. We may be the one consistent and reliable factor in their lives. Throughout this year, we kept our doors open and worked hard to provide access to care for the nearly 10,000 people we served. There’s a reason we’ve been around for 50 years, and looking ahead to next year, the future is brighter.