SouthLight Internships

Clinical Internship Opportunities for Master’s Level Candidates

UPDATED Feb 15, 2024

Good news—SouthLight Healthcare is accepting intern applications.

Please send a resumé and documentation from your school about your practicum and/or internship requirements to We interview and place interns in January who need to start in May, March who need to start in August, and September/October who need to start in January.

SouthLight is committed to building a dynamic and inspired workforce for the future of mental health and substance use treatment. We seek to engrain passion and excellence and to mold students into caring, thoughtful and intentional clinicians.

SouthLight offers a variety of placements within our broad array of services. Please take a moment to look over all of the service offerings to identify where you believe your talents and gifts can best be developed and leveraged to serve some of our community’s most vulnerable and valuable citizens.

Our internship program is looking for Master’s level candidates in the following fields:

  • Social Work
  • Human Services
  • Counseling
  • Psychology

In addition, our internship program may be able to provide learning experiences for programs at other levels of higher education (certificate programs, human services programs, bachelor of social work programs, medical records and billing. etc.) Please reach out if you have questions about this.

SouthLight Intern Testimonials

“I have learned the most from our clients. They have allowed me to be a part of their treatment journey, which has been a massive privilege. I was nervous coming in to CST since doing clinical work was all brand new to me, but I have become so much more confident in my clinical skills and supporting our clients as they grow and take steps toward a better future. This internship brings me so much joy and I know I am right where I need to be.” —Abby

Meet a SouthLight intern

“My internship experience has gone beyond my expectations. I leave the internship program with more knowledge, growth, insight, and clinical experience than I would have ever hoped for. The amount of time and attention dedicated to interns is exceptional. I am forever grateful for the experience and the support received from the IOP program and SouthLight in general.”

Intern survey response
Jacki Agusta, LCSW, LCAS, CSI Tailored Care Management Supervisor

“I started at SouthLight as an OTP counseling intern working toward my Masters in social work and upon graduation, I was immediately hired as an OTP counselor. At a time when I wasn’t sure where my place in the world would be, SouthLight showed me a world of opportunity for myself by exposing me to the world of opportunity we create for the clients we serve.”

– Jacki

“Working at the Opioid Treatment program at SouthLight means the world to me. Being able to work with people from my community and help them find that beacon of light inside themselves that says ‘I am strong enough to keep going’ is the exact reason I got into the social work field.”

OTP Counselor, LCSW-A, LCAS-A