Community Intervention &

Crisis Services

Community Intervention & Crisis Services (CICS) programs provide services to adults and adolescents with mental health and/or substance abuse struggles. 

Services provided by the Community Intervention & Crisis Services (CICS) department are focused on assisting people (adults, adolescents, and families) in their home environment/community with struggles related to their mental health and/or substance use. We believe in working with people in the environment they are most comfortable as well as addressing problems where they occur instead of in an office setting.


Available Services

Assertive Engagement – Assertive Engagement is a way of working with adults who have severe or serious mental illness and/or addictive disorders and who have not effectively engaged with treatment services. Assertive engagement is a critical element of the rehabilitation and recovery model because it is designed as a short-term engagement service targeted to populations or specific consumer circumstances that prevent the individual from fully participating in needed care for mental health or addiction issues.


Community Support Team – Community Support Team is a six-month home- or community-based mental health/substance abuse treatment service that uses evidence-based treatment modalities in combination with case management, support, and skill-building for clients who need more support than traditional outpatient therapy can provide. This team service includes a variety of interventions that are delivered by the CST staff, who maintain contact and intervene as one organized unit. The team provides 24-hour on-call crisis response.


Family-Centered Treatment Family Centered Treatment is an evidence-based model of home-based treatment for at-risk youth and their families. This program works collaboratively with the family unit to promote overall and sustainable growth, health and family cohesion through the use of specific and individualized interventions.


Peer Support Program – Peer Support is an individualized, recovery-focused approach that promotes the development of wellness self-management, personal recovery, natural supports, coping skills and self-advocacy skills. Peer Support is provided by North Carolina Certified Peer Support Specialists (CPSS). Click here to learn more about the NC Certified Peer Support Specialist Program. 


Population Served

Depending on the program, individuals and families working with CICS have any number of needs and struggles related, but not limited, to:

  • Mental health

  • Substance use

  • Legal involvement

  • Social environment(s)

  • Finding and maintaining employment

  • Navigating medical and/or psychiatric care services system

  • Homelessness

  • Access to basic needs (food, clothing, shelter)

  • Difficulties in school or job


Hours of Operation

CICS, in general, operates during traditional weekday business hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

However, in order to meet the needs of our clients, many staff work both before and after regular hours as well as on weekends. 


For more information on Community Intervention and Crisis Services:

Call (919) 787-6131

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