SouthLight Justice Building

Court Services

Assessments and deferral classes

Removing Barriers, Providing Alternatives for Substance Use First Offenders

Our Court Services team assists people with drug and alcohol offenses and helps them navigate the Court System.

Under guidelines provided by the Wake County District Attorney, SouthLight Healthcare provides substance use assessment and education for clients charged with drug & alcohol offenses, enabling clients to receive a dismissal of their charges as opposed to traditional prosecution. Our Court Services Team serves more than 4,600 people each year.

SouthLight manages one of the largest Pre-Trial Diversion programs in North Carolina, We have been a trusted resource for the District Attorney’s office, local attorneys and clients in need for over 30 years, and we are committed to creating safer, healthier communities for the citizens of Wake County.

SouthLight no longer provides DWI services.

Court Date Information

You can obtain your court date by clicking here. You will need this date to register for online classes. If you can’t find your court date/case number on the website, then you will need to contact the Clerk of Courts Wake County Clerk of Court: Wake County Justice Center, Clerk of Court’s office is on the 1st floor, Room 1000 300 S Salisbury St, Raleigh, NC 27601

Substance Use Assessments

If you were required to have a Substance Use Assessment per the Deferral Agreement that you signed in court, you can pay the $100 fee online and a counselor will contact you within four business days to schedule your appointment.

Court Deferral Classes

The 15-hour First Offender Class is now being conducted online. Click below to learn more, register, and pay the $258 class fee via PayPal (you do not need to have a PayPal account).

We no longer provide DWI or family court assessments