Court Services FAQ

+ How do I get an assessment?

Please fill out the online form here. A SouthLight employee will email you a payment link within two business days. Once payment has been received, you will be scheduled for your specific date and time.

+ What if I started classes before COVID and need to finish classes?

You can call 919-856-7590 or stop by the Judicial office at the Wake County Justice Center, 300 S. Salisbury St, Room 1050 for information. Please be prepared to provide your criminal case number. A staff member will give you instructions on how to complete your classes or assessment/treatment.

+ When will classes resume in person?

Virtual (online) classes will remain in place until further notice. We are following guidelines from the NC Department of Health and Human Services and the CDC.

+ How does my attorney receive a confirmation of my class completion?

Your attorney can stop by the Judicial office at the Wake County Justice Center.

+ How do I find my court date and/or criminal case number?

You may obtain your court date and/or criminal case number through the website. There are three ways to search: by your name (exactly as it appears on your citation), your criminal case number or your citation number.

+ I have enrolled and paid for my class but have not received my link or confirmation; what do I do?

If someone has paid on your behalf, please contact us at with their name and date of payment.

If your payment was successful and you have not received a confirmation or link, please forward us a copy of your receipt to On occasion, Paypal will send a receipt even if the payment was not finalized. We ask that you check with your financial institution/bank to make sure your payment has been drafted from your account.

+ What documents or information do I need to provide to register?

  1. Your name – exactly as it appears on your citation.
  2. Your Criminal Case Number (ie: 20cr123456) – if you do not know it, click here.
  3. Your email address and phone number.
  4. If you are a returning student from before COVID, please email Court Services to confirm how many classes you have left to complete.

+ What are payment options?

We are only taking payments via PayPal – you do not need a PayPal account to make this payment. Payments are not accepted in person.

+ Where are court services located?

The Wake County Justice Center, Room 1050, 300 S. Salisbury St, Raleigh, NC 27601

+ Do you offer DWI services?

As of August 2020, we will no longer be providing DWI services.

+ How can I get connected to other SouthLight services for mental health or substance use (not court-related)?

Please call 919-787-6131 or visit the services page to learn more. Visit our services page to learn more about other programs SouthLight offers for your mental health or substance use needs.