ABC 11 Reports on Growing Opioid Crisis and Resources for Opioid Treatment


SouthLight’s CEO Adam Hartzell was interviewed by ABC 11’s Elaina Athens on the CDC’s recent report on a 35% increase in opioid deaths in North Carolina in 2020.

SouthLight CEO Adam Hartzell talks to ABC 11 about the growing Opioid Crisis

“We’ve got a perfect storm of the opioid addiction crisis in our community as well as the COVID crisis.”

Hartzell says
Deaths rising close to 30% nationwide...highest number ever recorded.

ABC 11 reports, “The nonprofit SouthLight recently expanded its opioid clinic to handle an influx of patients. Capacity doubled to handle the increase of folks suffering from addiction.”

The good news is that help is available. If you know someone struggling with opioid addiction, there are options and cost-effective ways to get help.

SouthLight's Opioid Treatment Program

SouthLight welcomes those with Medicaid, private insurance, or the insured. Learn more about SouthLight’s Opioid Treatment Program.
Opioid Treatment Program