SouthLight Bridging the Gap between Celebration and Social Separation


Graduations are a source of meaning, inspiration and purpose.

With COVID-19 interrupting our traditional celebratory ceremonies, community members are having to seek new ways of bridging the gap between the beauty and optimism of transition and the reality of social distancing.

In a similar spirit, the recovery community also celebrates significant milestones that represent the hard work, endurance and dedication required to sustain meaningful change.

At SouthLight, we are striving to rise to the challenge of bridging this gap between celebration and social separation.

SAIOP Program Manager Robert Stuckey shares these words: The work you, fellow journeymen in recovery, have done in this trying time is inspirational. We are so honored to be a part of each and every journey that is represented in this picture (Celebration Certificates and bands to “remember this moment”).

Despite the many obstacles endured, including COVID-19, we celebrate this moment in the lives of 15 individual’s journeys with our intensive outpatient program.

Thanks for sharing your hope and epic stories that recovery is not only possible, but happens, when we choose to show up and try something different!

Thanks to Robert and SouthLight’s entire SAIOP team for helping clients move toward what matters.

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