SouthLight Helps Bridge Clients from Homeless to Permanent Housing


SouthLight is playing a key role in a unique Durham program that bridges residents experiencing homelessness to finding permanent housing. 

Alliance Health manages the Bridge Housing Program and engaged Southlight’s Durham Peer Support Team to provide peer support services.

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SouthLight’s Peer Support Team

The Carolina Duke Inn provides eight rooms to Alliance Healthcare for the Bridge Housing Program. Those receiving temporary housing and services are referred through other agencies, including Easter Seals, Carolina Outreach, Durham Urban Ministries, and the Aya Center.  

The Bridge Housing Program program allows SouthLight’s Peer Support Services team to help participants fill out applications, apply for vital documents, secure food and clothing, look for resources and access various benefits. 

“I am so extremely proud of our SouthLight team working with the Bridge Housing Program. Their compassion and empathy speak volumes. They are the true meaning of Peer Support and represent Southlight in a very caring and professional manner.”

Alema Gregg, SouthLight’s Program Manager of Peer Support

One of the biggest benefits is for the clients to simply have someone to talk to during their transition from homelessness to obtaining their own housing. Many of SouthLight’s Peer Team have been in a similar situation or have experienced the same challenges first-hand. Being able to relate to and validate their feelings is priceless. 

“The hotel to homes program means so much to be able to see the clients go from homeless to permanent homes and to get them out of their comfort zones to be able to live on their own. To see their smiles on their faces once they get a home is priceless.”

Margaret Mangum, a SouthLight Peer Support Specialist

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