SouthLight Provides Mental Health Support for “Healthy Hotels”


To help decrease those experiencing homelessness in shelters, Wake County has opened several “Healthy Hotels” to provide safe, shelter-in-place options for high-risk individuals experiencing homelessness. Wake County called on SouthLight and other providers to connect virtually with this vulnerable population and provide mental health support.

In addition, our Peer Support Team has also been called into action. Wake County also has a Quarantine and Isolation Hotel to help support individuals experiencing homelessness with presumed or confirmed COVID-19.

Our Peer Support Team has been working with these individuals to provide support and linkage to care while they are in isolation. Jennifer Whitfield, our Director of Adult Community Services, says “Working with clients in the hotels is really just an extension of the work our clinicians are doing everyday. We are so pleased to be able to continue to serve our community through telehealth, and meet the special needs of the individuals in the Healthy Hotels.”

It takes a community, and we are grateful to be a go-to resource.