SouthLight Selected as Wake County Recovery Court Provider


Starting April 1, SouthLight Healthcare became the sole provider of substance use treatment services for Wake County Recovery Court. This is the first time in two decades that SouthLight was awarded the contract to provide services. 

Representatives from Wake County Recovery Court recently toured SouthLight's Opioid Treatment Clinic.
Representatives from Wake County Recovery Court recently toured SouthLight’s Opioid Treatment Clinic.

Goals of the Recovery Court Program

Recovery Court is a special courtroom set aside for adults involved in the  criminal justice system and for whom treatment is a better approach than justice. According to the Wake County Recovery Court website, the goals of the program are to: 

The goals of the Recovery Court Program  are to: 

Activities Within the Recovery Court Program

The program consists of structured activities including:  

SouthLight is in the process of assembling a team made up of a Team Lead, Clinician, and  Peer Support Specialist. The program will operate out of Southlight’s existing office inside of the Wake County Justice Center

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