We Stand With You


As systemic racism once again takes center stage in our communities and across the United States, our awareness of how deep the wounds are for our black colleagues and patients also takes center stage.

We have a greater understanding of the disappointment, pain, fear, anger, regret, and frustrationall of us are feeling. It is so overwhelming, it takes our breath away.

Now, SouthLight reaffirms our commitment to being part of the solution.

As passionate advocates brought together in a mission-driven community organization, it is our honor to work every day with a diverse team of colleagues who have meaningful conversations about how to combat disparities, inequities and systemic challenges.

As we move forward, SouthLight recognizes its unique position as an expert service provider to help find solutions. 

We pledge to:

On behalf of SouthLight, we join this movement.

Adam Hartzell, Chief Executive Officer
Robin Henderson-Wiley, Chief Operating Officer
Sue Redman, Chief Financial Officer                 
Mike Lancaster, MD, Chief Medical Officer