WRAL Reports: Fentanyl causing more deaths for people of color in recent years


WRAL’s Reporter Julian Grace interviewed SouthLight’s Chief Medical Officer, Letitia Hazel M.D. about how communities of color are seeing an increase in fatalities from drug overdose three to five times higher than they were in 2015. Julian also spoke with one of SouthLight’s Peer Support Specialists, Vernon Johnson.

Key take-a-ways from the Community Conversation on Fentanyl April 5, 2023:

Educate our community about the dangers of fentanyl; it’s rapidly addicting with a high risk of overdose. 
Treatment works and help is available. There are many resources and treatment programs for those with or without insurance.  
Address the stigma that comes with addiction; it’s not a moral failing. It’s a biological addiction that requires medical treatment.
Have Narcan available, a medication that rapidly reverses an opioid overdose.

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