WRAL Reports: National Recovery Month


Support and resources are available to those battling addiction

For people who have been or are being treated for addiction, September is an important time to recognize and celebrate recovery.

WRAL’s Reporter Willie Daniely interviewed SouthLight’s Chief Medical OfficerLetitia Hazel M.D., and Director of Adult Community Services, Jennifer Whitfield for Recovery Month. WRAL is shedding light on some of the challenges that individuals face when battling substance use issues:

Dr. Hazel said, “People are afraid or embarrassed to say that something is wrong. They also don’t know that there is support and resources. They just think they’re out there on their own. But there are a lot of places out there, just like SouthLight, that are ready and able and just waiting to help.”

Here’s what Jennifer had to share about being interviewed by WRAL:

“I appreciate the opportunity to share my lived experiences and attack stigma that can be so pervasive in our culture. My main desire is to help people see ‘You are not alone, you are not broken or unworthy, and you can do great things even when it feels the opposite.’ We can build one another up as we work with and through each other.” 

Jennifer Whitefield, SouthLight’s Director of Adult Community Services (ACT Team)

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