OTP Check-in Process

There’s a new, easy check-in process! Two easy options to check-in:


Check-in in person at the reception desk

  1. Go directly to the reception desk at Suite 113 to check-in.
  2. You may wait in the lobby area.
  3. Please maintain 6-feet apart and wear a mask while waiting.
  4. Your client ID number will be announced on the monitor in the lobby. (You will not be able to hear your client ID being called if you wait outside.)

Check-in online with App from your vehicle

  1. Follow the instructions below to set up mobile app.
  2. Download/Set-up the Engage by Netalytics app before you arrive at SouthLight.
  3. When you arrive at SouthLight, open Engage app and check-in.
  4. Look at the Engage App to see when your number will be called.
  5. Please stay in the SouthLight parking lot while you wait.



Steps to Download and Set-up the Engage Mobile App

+ Step 1

Get Engage Netalytics App in Apple Store or Google Playstore. Please download and register before coming to SouthLight.

+ Step 2

Download,  install, and open the free Engage Netalytics App.

+ Step 3

On the home screen, select “register for a New Account”  and enter the phone number you provided to us for contact.

+ Step 4

Set a password, repeat the password, and enter your date of birth. The password must have the following: one uppercase character, one lower case character, a number, 8 characters or more, and a symbol (&^%$#@!*). Then press “register.”

+ Step 5

You will get a code sent to you from the app (look for a text or email). Enter the code to validate the Engage Netalytics  App. If you get a message “can’t associate with clinic,” press Search Clinic, and select SouthLight Healthcare. If SouthLight doesn’t show up, be sure to “share your location” with the Engage App in your phone settings.

+ Step 6

The check-in button should turn green.


SouthLight Healthcare
2101 Garner Road, Suite 113
Raleigh, North Carolina 27610