Mary-Sara Camerino

Member since June 2019

Mary-Sara Camerino has 25 years as a proven leader in corporate operations and full life-cycle product management and strategy. As the COO of a legal technology start up, she oversees all day-to-day company activities including development, marketing, sales, finance and HR. She has broad industry experience rooted in the foundation of management consulting. She also has healthcare, cybersecurity, legal tech and consumer software industries. She has worked for Fortune 50 companies, early stage start-ups, civilian government agencies and the Department of Defense. From this diversity of experience, she brings a depth of understanding of organizational process and functions. She led the development of products and concepts resulting in the filing of six patents, for which she is listed as co-inventor. Ms. Camerino holds an MS from Johns Hopkins University. You are mostly likely find her near a body of water with her 2 girls Evan (10) and Jane (8) and her husband James Hickman.