Prevention Services

Partnering with schools & community groups to educate and empower

SouthLight engages, educates and empowers those struggling with substance use, including our community’s youth. As part of our Community Outreach services, our prevention team works closely with Wake County Public Schools through the Alternative Counseling Education program, known as ACE.

This program has the potential to reduce long-term suspensions by providing drug education free of charge for first-time offenders of the school’s drug and alcohol policy. We also collaborate with a number of other community agencies, churches and organizations to promote youth substance use awareness and prevention strategies.​

Advice for Keeping Teens Drug & Alcohol Free This Summer

Available Services

  • Make immediate referrals for an assessment
  • Prevention Services
  • Adolescent Substance Abuse Education (ACE Program)

Educational Programs for Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Substances

  • Substance Use Resistance Skills
  • Developing effective communication skills with your teen
  • Signs and symptom of subtance use
  • Peer pressure
  • Keeping youth substance free

More Information

  • Care for: Students, youth, community groups
  • Ages: Students enrolled in Wake County Public Middle and High Schools
  • Location: Community-based
  • Duration: Each cohort is 9 hours of classroom time