Women and Children Residential Program

Women and Children's Residential Program

Helping Mothers on the Path to Recovery

SouthLight’s residential program provides treatment for women who are pregnant and women with children ages 3 months to 11 years old. Each woman who comes into the program receives treatment for substance use and/or mental health disorder.

Entrance into the program demonstrates the mother’s first step to addressing substance use, and her commitment to her journey of sustained recovery and being a better parent.

About the Program

SouthLight’s Women and Children’s Residential Program works with women to increase awareness, accountability, and empowerment in a safe, recovery-oriented environment to provide the foundation for long-term self-sufficiency.

After 10 years of substance use, a single mother gains life skills and a new job after a 9-month residential treatment program. Read more of this success story.

What’s Provided

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“I arrived at SouthLight September of 2017 with my 2-year-old son (who I LOVE DEARLY) certain of one thing…I could not continue to live my life the way I had been. While at SouthLight I was able to focus on learning the necessary skills needed to be successful in recovery. Three years later I am still implementing the skills I learned in group. With the foundation in recovery I took when I graduated, I have been able to successfully gain and maintain employment with a livable wage or higher, secure housing and become the mother, daughter and sister my family deserves❤️. ”

SouthLight Client

Pregnant Women of the Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment Block Grant – In accordance with 45 CFR §96.131, Treatment Services for Pregnant Women of the Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment Block Grant, pregnant women are given preference in admissions to this program/facility. Priority admission is as follows: (1) Pregnant women using substances intravenously, (2) Pregnant women with a substance use disorder, (3) Women using substances intravenously, (4) All others.