Stories of Hope

It takes courage to share your story. We are so proud of the clients we serve, and their willingness to share their journey of recovery.

SouthLight Empowers the Journey. Carl's Story

SouthLight Healthcare Counselor Barry Wallace shares a story of a client’s recovery journey. He says, “We’re gonna be there no matter what.”

“In the beginning, I could use, forget my problems and be happy. But it reached a point where I would cry when I used; I would cry because I missed my daughter, I would cry because I had track marks on my arms. I tried to control my use—but there was no controlling it for me… SouthLight helped me break the cycle, they helped me arrest my disease. This program is what you make of it—if you want help and you want recovery, you can find it here. I came to SouthLight because I wanted to change my life, and I am so grateful to them for helping me do that. They helped me find myself. Today, I am humble, appreciative, and worthy of trust. I am a mom, a daughter, a friend, and a child of God. I am myself again.”

SouthLight Client (not real name)

“The decisions I’d made in my life left me alone, homeless, and afraid that I was going to die. Addiction took away everything that I had, but SouthLight has everything to help; they provide counseling, healthcare, assistance with housing— whatever it is, there’s somebody here that can help you find it, and achieve it. If you’re ready to be serious about your recovery and you’ve made the decision to get better, then this is the place to be. SouthLight saved me, and my life is totally different now. Today, I am an outreach coordinator and a general manager, I have a great relationship with my family, and there are people in the recovery community that respect me and my opinions. In one month I will be tapered off my medication completely, and that is a great feeling.”

SouthLight Client (not real name)

“I was prescribed morphine and Percocet for years, but it eventually became impossible for me to get my medication. I was depressed, and the pain was tremendous and constant—that’s when I came to SouthLight. Even though SouthLight is not a pain clinic, the doses have helped me deal with my pain better. Meanwhile, the counselors and groups have helped me with my addiction. The people here are so nice; they don’t look at you like there’s something wrong with you, and they enjoy talking with you. I look forward to coming here every day, and it makes me feel good when I do. Thanks to SouthLight, I don’t have to worry about the pills anymore, and that is incredibly rewarding.”

SouthLight Client (not real name)

“I was out of control and at death’s door. I was putting drugs before everything else in my life, and it caused to me to lose everything. I knew I had to do something different. Three years ago I came to SouthLight, and it was the best decision I ever made. I’ve been through some really tough things, but the people here have helped me put my life back together… without them, I really don’t think I would have made it. My life is the way it should be now; my family trusts me again, I’m more organized, and I don’t have to deal with the chaos and drama of addiction anymore. I am proud of where I am today.”

SouthLight Client (not real name)

“I’ve been dealing with addiction all my life. I’ve been in and out of all types of programs, but they never did any good. Sixteen months ago I came to SouthLight and turned my life around. This program is wonderful; my counselor is so helpful, and I love going to my art therapy and coping in recovery groups. I’ve never been much of a talker, but I feel comfortable in my groups; we share our experiences, give advice to each other, and have a good time. When I first came to SouthLight, I was a wreck. Today, I’m a much better person in every way.”

SouthLight Client (not real name)

“Before coming to SouthLight, I was a sad, broken, shell of a person. My daughter once asked me ‘mom, how come you’re always sick? You never play with me anymore’. I realized then that I needed to sit back, and stop driving the car; I couldn’t be my own doctor anymore. Through the services offered at SouthLight, I have been given the chance to put my life back together; the medication has been my parachute keeping me safe from relapse, and I’ve adored working with my counselor—she knew exactly what I needed. Today I am a confident, loyal, and dependable person, and am working on tapering off my medication completely.” 

SouthLight Client (not real name)

What our Clients have to say about SouthLight

Almost every day we hear our clients say, “SouthLight saved my life.” Here are a few quotes and from those we serve. The names are omitted to protect the privacy of our clients, but the quotes are real! 

“SouthLight is a place of second chances.”

SouthLight client

“My treatment program has forced me to be accountable. It’s been 2 years and I’m still here.”

Client in Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

“One of the best programs I ever attended. I want to stay here because of the people.”

SouthLight client

“The thing about Southlight that I’ve come to know is that it works if you work it.”

Client in the Peer Support Program

“Southlight has helped me see what resources are available out there and helped me access them.”

Client in the Peer Support Program

“SouthLight takes care of me. SouthLight saved my life. I came here for the dosing, but there is so much more.”

Client in Women’s and Children’s Program

“The pain had become so unbearable to me. I knew at some point I had to try another way because my way wasn’t working.”

Client in Peer Support Services

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